The optimum conditions of Titanium Recovery process from the Iraqi Bauxite Ore

Waleed T. Rashid, Baqer A. Ahmad, Ajheen H. Jumaah
Abstract views: 142 | Downloads: 149


Behavior of Square Footing Erected on Gypseous Soil Treated by Ceramic Wastes

Arshed Ahmed Hussain Ahmed, Adnan Jayed Zedan
Abstract views: 94 | Downloads: 125


Analysis of CFRP Confined Concrete Cylinders by using ABAQUS Software

Samah Ahmed Hardan, Wisam Amer Aules
Abstract views: 123 | Downloads: 223


An Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement in An Annulus with Rotating Outer Cylinder Using Nano Fluids

Samer Mahmood Khalaf, Akeel Abdullah Mohammed, Qasim Jabbar Mohammed
Abstract views: 105 | Downloads: 119


Performance Assessment of Shirin Earth Dam in Iraq Under Various Operational Conditions

Adnan Jayed Zedan, Marewan Ridha Faris, Ali Kareem Bdaiwi
Abstract views: 145 | Downloads: 139


Effect Of Pooled and Flat Stepped Spillway on Energy Dissipation Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Shawnm Mudhafar Saleh, Sarkawt Hamarahim Muhammad, Abdulla Abdulwahid Abo
Abstract views: 133 | Downloads: 141