The Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (Tikrit j. eng. sci.) (TJES) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the College of Engineering, Tikrit University. The journal’s aims are to disseminate the latest development and achievements in scientific research to the world’s community. To ensure quality, the submission of manuscripts to TJES shall be subjected to double-blind peer review by an international board of distinguished reviewers. The journal published 4-issues/a year and in English to strengthen the international exchange of academic research. The journal provides a forum for high-quality research communications and addresses all aspects of experimental observations based on theory and applications. The journal welcomes contributions from all who wish to report on new developments and the latest findings in engineering.

In addition to the Engineering disciplines of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, TJES is interested in a theme issue on specific topics.

TJES was originally published in 1994 with one issue per year; it had basic requirements and sources. TJES issued two issues in 1999 and started 4-issues per year since 2004.

TJES invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation. All papers, submitted for possible publication at TJES, are subject to a double-blind check, the peer review process, plagiarism, and similarity tests. Submissions are accepted only in the English language.

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Prof. Dr. Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla

Civil Eng. Dept., College of Eng., Tikrit University, Iraq