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Hassan Kareem Abdullah
Rana Qassim Faraj


An experimental study of four colors of ordinary dye (white, yellow, tibny, blue) of the external wall of the apartment building was carried out in the current work, to find out the range of its effect on the heating load in the winter season comparing with dark color of cement wall at 24hr. In the southern wall was made two opening, the dimensions of the opening were 1 meter high and 0.3-meter width. Two types of walls are built in the two opening. The first wall was made of bricks and was covered with a layer of cement (Ficus) 1 cm in thickness, while the second wall was also built of bricks covered with cement (Ficus) with a thickness of 1 cm and was painted with different colors. The results showed that the heating load is not affected by the change of the facade color of the buildings where the difference in the external and internal temperatures of the colored wall compared to the black wall was approximately equal during winter season during minimum temperature surface at night.


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Abdullah, H. K. ., & Faraj, R. Q. . (2022). The Effect of Exterior Wall Color on Thermal Performance of Building. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(3), 15–23.