Design and implementation of Evaporative Cooler Automation system at Erbil/Perdawd Power Plant

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Asaad Saber Hamad Ameen
Ahmad Mohamed Sinjari


The Automation design and implementation of any industrial system are very complex pieces of technology. Many systems and components work simultaneously to fulfil a significant operation and control of the system process. The existing evaporative cooler system panel is based on the conventional relay system and has many drawbacks. It takes time and is difficult for people to reach; it could endanger human life and damage machinery. It operates entirely manually and has little to no remote capabilities. Any harm or failure to the electrical panel, the motors, or the instrumentation results in a system shutdown and a loss of power production without giving the control room any prior notice. An automated control system is the natural next step for such a system to eradicate these problems. The Proposal is to implement an automation system designed and implemented by using S7- 1215C Siemens CPU for controlling and WinCC RT advanced as HMI and SCADA approach for monitoring. The programming software is Totally integrated Automation (TIA) Portal V15 software and is used for monitoring the configuration file. Programming style is the ladder while web-server capabilities are initialized for using the wireless protocol with mobile device App S7 for operating and monitoring the system. This paper proposed an innovative automation design and implementation for the gas turbine evaporative cooler system at Erbil/Perdawd combined cycle power plant. The experimental results show that the proposed embedded automation control system is very flexible and simple for controlling and monitoring the evaporative cooler.


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Ameen, A. S. H. ., & Sinjari, A. M. (2022). Design and implementation of Evaporative Cooler Automation system at Erbil/Perdawd Power Plant. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(3), 1–14. (Original work published August 11, 2022)


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