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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2018) 25(1) 18- 26

Effect of Alton Kopri Wastewater on Lesser-Zab Raw Water

Evan Ogestin Slewa Wali Ali Abdullah Shuokr Qarani Aziz
Department of Dams and Water Resources Engineering, Salahaddin University–Erbil, Iraq Department of Civil Engineering, Salahaddin University–Erbil, Iraq


This work aimed to study the impact of Alton Kopri wastewater on the Lesser-Zab River water. Specifically, the study aimed to determine the impacts of the formed wastewater on the Lesser-Zab River using the mass balance principle (MBP) and provide appropriate solutions to this problem. Fresh samples from Alton Kopri wastewater and the Lesser-Zab River water were collected from February 2013 to September 2013. The samples were analyzed for temperature, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, total acidity, chloride, turbidity, solids, dissolved oxygen, 5-day biochemical oxygen demand, and sulfate. Results presented graphically demonstrated that Alton Kopri wastewater can be classified as medium- to strong-type wastewater, whereas the Lesser-Zab River can be categorized as a moderately polluted river and moderately hard to hard water. The application of MBP revealed that Alton Kopri wastewater affected the Lesser-Zab River water; hence, appropriate solutions were outlined to minimize the impact of the former on the water resource and treatment of the latter.

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Keywords: Lesser-Zab, Alton kopri, water quality, wastewater, mass balance principle.

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TJES: Slewa EO, Abdullah WA, Aziz SQ. Effect of Alton Kopri wastewater on lesser-Zab raw water. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2018; 25 (1): 18-26.
APA: Slewa, E. O., Abdullah, W. A., & Aziz, S. Q. (2018). Effect of Alton Kopri wastewater on lesser-Zab raw water. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 25(1), 18-26.
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