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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2017) 24(3) 34- 37

Investigation of the Tribological Behavior of Eutectic Al-Si Casting Alloy  

Riyadh Azzawi Badr
School of Eng., University of Samarra, Iraq


The effect of roughness of Al-Si alloy on the wear is investigated. Roughness average (Ra) was verified via different polishing, also was using a pin–on-disc of different loads (5, 10, 15) N, different speeds (100, 200, 300) rpm and relative humidity 74%. Different values of Ra are obtained with (3, 5 and 7) µm. Worn surface were characterized using SEM / EDX. The results show that the wear rate of Al-Si eutectic alloys increases with the roughness increase. It was noticed that the specific and wear decreases as roughness decreases. Severe wear was observed at all loads.


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Keywords:  Sliding wear, surface analysis, wear testing, roughness.

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TJES: Badr RA. Investigation of the tribological behavior of eutectic Al-Si casting alloy. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2017; 24 (3): 34-37.

APA: Badr, R. A. (2017). Investigation of the tribological behavior of eutectic Al-Si casting alloy. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 24(3): 34-37.

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