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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2013) 20(1) 29-41

U-TDOA Position Location Technique for WCDMA

Marwan Mahmood Shakir Sami Abdul-Mawjoud
Electrical Eng. Dept., University of Mosul, Iraq


Position location in cellular networks has become increasingly important in recent years due to emerging of location-based services. Numerous applications use position location such as emergency calls, network optimization to resource management and improve the performance of handover in cellular network.U plink Time Difference of Arrival (U- TDOA) technique in cellular networks is dealt with this technique based on estimating the time difference between the received signal to the base stations of a certain subscriber using the Generalized Cross Correlation method. Chan’s method is used in solving the resulting hyperbolic equations for finding the Position Location (PL) of a certain subscriber. Chan’s method give accurate results, compared with other techniques .in this paper we concern on the some factors (increase sample, increase power without and with interference cancellation) for improved U-TDOA Accuracy.

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KeywordsWCDMA, U-TDOA Technique, U-TDOA Accuracy.

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TJES: Shakir MM, Abdul-Mawjoud S. U-TDOA Position Location Technique for WCDMATikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2013; 20(1): 29-41.
APA: Shakir, M. M., & Abdul-Mawjoud, S. (2013). U-TDOA Position Location Technique for WCDMA. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 20(1), 29-41.
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