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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2009) 16(3) 19- 29

Fuzzy Logic Control of Two Heated Tanks in Series

Duraid Fadhel Ahmed  Abodulkahar Mahdi Mohammed
Chem. Eng. Dept., University of Tikrit, Iraq


The mathematical modeling of two heated tanks system was developed based on the heat balance and used model parameters for tuning PID and Dahlin controller parameters. The system was studied by introducing step change in the temperature of the inlet stream and heat supply and measuring the temperature change of the tanks. In this paper, a rule-based controller that incorporates fuzzy logic controller has been designed and evaluated. Through simulation study by using MATLAB, it has been shown that the estimated parameters of the model are in good agreement with the experimental values. Also the proposed fuzzy logic controller has given an excellent tracking and regulation performance compared to that of the PID control and Dahlin controller systems.

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Keywords: Mathematical modeling of Heating tanks in series, Matlab simulation, Fuzzy logic, PID controller, Dahlin controller.

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TJES: Ahmed DF, Mohammed AM. Fuzzy Logic Control of Two Heated Tanks in Series. Tikrit Journal of Eng Sciences 2009;16(3):19-29.
APA: Ahmed, D. F., & Mohammed, A. M. (2009). Fuzzy Logic Control of Two Heated Tanks in Series. Tikrit Journal of Eng. Sciences, 16(3), 19-29.