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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2008) 15(2) 1-16

Feasibility Study of Sediment Flushing from Mosul Reservoir

Thair Mahmood Al-Taiee
Research Center For Dams and Water Resources University of Mosul,Iraq.


The Feasibility of sediment flushing from Mosul reservoir located northern iraq was conducted. Many upto date world criteria and indices for checking the efficiency of sediment flushing from reservoir which have been got through analyzing large amount of data from many flushed reservoirs in the world which were depended tested and applied in the present case study (Mosul Reservoir). These criteria and indices depend mainly on the hydrological , hydraulic and topographical properties of the reservoirs in-addition to the operation plan of the reservoirs. They gave a good indication for checking the efficiency of the sediment flushing process in the reservoirs. It was concluded that approximately the main criteria for the successful flushing sediment was verified in Mosul reservoir such as Sediment Balance Ratio (SBR) and the Long Term Capacity Ratio (LTCR),the shape factor of reservoir (W/L) and the hydraulic condition such as the percentage of (Qf/Qin) and (Vf/Vin). This gave an indication that the processes of flushing sediment in Mosul reservoir is probably feasible and may be applied in the future to maintain the water storage in the reservoir.

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Keywords: Flushing Sediment, Sluicing, Reservoirs

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