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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2007) 14(3) 111-130

Process Simulation Analysis of Hf Stripping Column of Linear Alkyl Benzene (Lab) Plant

Zaid A. Abdel-Rahman Omar S. Latif
Chemical Eng. Dept., Tikrit University, Iraq


CHEMCAD process simulator was used for the analysis of existing HF stripping column in LAB plant(Arab Detergent company/Baji-Iraq). Simulated column performance curves were constructed, The variables considered in this study are the thermodynamic model option, top and bottom temperatures, feed temperature, & feed composition, Also simulated columns profiles for the temperature, vapor and liquid flow rates and compositions, were constructed, using different thermodynamic models options, Four different thermodynamic models options (SRK, TSRK, PR, and ESSO) were used, affecting the results within l-25% variation for the most cases, The simulated results show that about 5% of paraffin (C10 & C11) presents at the top stream which may cause a problem in the LAB production plant, The major variations were noticed for the total top vapor flow rate with bottom temperature and with feed composition. The column profiles maintain fairly constants for tray 5 (immediately below feed) through tray 18 (immediately above reboiler). These tfays can be removed without severely affected thecolumn profile. Simulation of the HF stripping column in LAB production plant using CHEMCAD simulator, confirms the real plant operation data, The study gives evidence about a successful simuiation with CHEMCAD’

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KeywordsProcess Simulation, CHEMCAD Simulator, Multicomponent Distillation, LAB, HF Striper.

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TJES: Abdel-Rahman ZA, Latif OS. Process Simulation Analysis of Hf Stripping Column of Linear Alkyl Benzene (Lab) PlantTikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2007; 14(3): 111-130.
APA: Abdel-Rahman, Z. A., & V, O. S. (2007). Process Simulation Analysis of Hf Stripping Column of Linear Alkyl Benzene (Lab) Plant. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 14(3), 111-130.