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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2007) 14(3) 61-82

Deashaltening and Hydrodesulphurization of Jumboor Vacuum Residue

Aysar T. Jarallah Shaemaa A. Hameed
Chemical Eng. Dept., Tikrit University, Iraq


Vacuum residue of Jumboor crude oil above 773 K of specific gravity 1.105 and 6. I wt% sulfur , was treated with commercial pentane &hexane fractions for preparing deasphaltened oil (DAO) suitable for hydrodesulphurization process. Solvent deasphaltening was examined with mixing time 0.25 to 4 h and solvent to oil ratio 4 to 15 ml : 1g at different temperatures . The asphaltenes yield was decreased with increasing mixing time and increased with increasing solvent to oil ratio . Hexane deasphaltened oil hydrotreated on presulfided commercial cobalt-molybdenum alumina catalyst at specified operating conditions in a trickle bed reactor . The hydrotreating process applied at a range of temperatures varied from 623 to 698 K, liquid hourly space velocity (LHSV) from 0.7 to 2.2 h-1 ,H2/oil ratio about 300 liter/liter and hydrogen pressure was 4 Mpa . The results of hydrotreating process indicate high sulfur and metal removal with decreasing LHSV as well as high temperature applied . The kinetic of hydrodesulphurization and demetalization reactions followed 2nd and 1st order reactions respectively .

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Keywords:  Deasphaltening Oil, Hydrotreating, Hydrodemetalization.

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TJES: Jarallah AT, Hameed SA. Deashaltening and Hydrodesulphurization of Jumboor Vacuum ResidueTikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2007; 14(3): 61-82.
APA: Jarallah, A. T., & Hameed, S. A. (2007). Deashaltening and Hydrodesulphurization of Jumboor Vacuum Residue. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 14(3), 61-82.