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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2007) 14(1) 44-66

An Experimental Study of Radioactivity Dispersion in Open Channels 

Karim Rashid Gubashi B. A. Marouf Mohammed K. Majed
Environmental Eng. Dept.,  Al-Mustansirya University, Iraq Environmental Research & Toxic Materials Dept.,  Ministry of Science & Technology, Iraq Environmental Eng. Dept.,  Al-Mustansirya University, Iraq


The work has been an experimental and numerical investigation of radioactivity risk assessments using tracer test technique in open channel flow. Two types of tracer have been used and then examined, pure KCl which has dual indicator at the same time electrical conductivity and radioactivity, and Carmosine (E-122) a florescence dye which used for environmental safety requirements. Thirty three runs were performed to measure solute transport in open channels flows and calculate doses that response from these concentrations. ADE models for one and two dimensional of cases instantaneous and continuous injections in steady states were applications and shown good agreement between predict and observed concentration of the mixing in the flume. The analyses and comparisons show the average MRE equal to 7.2%, and discrepancy ratio between observed and predict of φ = 45 equal to 2.66% & r2 equal to 0.984.

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KeywordsDispersion in open channel, Radioactivity dispersion.

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TJES: Gubashi KR, Marouf BA, Majed MK. An Experimental Study of Radioactivity Dispersion in Open ChannelsTikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2007; 14(1): 44-66.
APA: Gubashi, K. R., Marouf B. A., & Majed, M. K. (2007). An Experimental Study of Radioactivity Dispersion in Open Channels. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 14(1), 44-66.