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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2006) 13(4) 1-34

Finite Element Analysis of Thick Circular Plates on Elastic Foundations

Riyadh J. Aziz Adel A. Al-Azzawi Mustafa H. Al-Allaf
Civil Eng. Dept., Al-Nahrain University, Iraq


This paper deals with the linear elastic behavior of thick circular plates on Winkler type elastic foundations with both compressional and tangential resistances. The finite element method with different isoparametric thick plate and brick finite elements are used to solve problems, which were previously solved by the finite difference method. Good agreement was noticed between the different methods

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KeywordsFinite Element, Thick Circular Plates, Winkler Foundations.

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TJES: Aziz RJ, Al-Azzawi AA, Al-Allaf MH. Finite Element Analysis of Thick Circular Plates on Elastic FoundationsTikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2006; 13(4): 1-34.
APA: Aziz, R. J., Al-Azzawi, A. A., & Al-Allaf, M. H. (2006). Finite Element Analysis of Thick Circular Plates on Elastic Foundations. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 13(4), 1-34.