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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2006) 13(2) 39-66

Estimation of Missing Left Turning Movement For Intersections Traffic Volume Count

Mohammad Ahmad Hummody
Civil Engineering Department, Tikrit University


Intersection traffic volume count must be in of the accurate data, because it is a crucial in the calibration and validation of traffic demand models. It is process in a continuous manner done by the analyst, planner or designer. Many procedures were recently produced to estimate the intersection turning movement matrix. Sometimes, these procedures of traffic volume count may have unusual, unavailable or missing values especially for the left turn movement, which is more effective in capacity analysis. Typical four mathematical and statistical methods of estimating the missing left turn movement volume were developed for about twenty signalized intersections. The most significant one is the typical curve estimation method. It is a power curve and in a simple formula compared with several other imputation techniques. This method can be superior to substitute the other methods in estimating the intersection traffic volume matrices.

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KeywordsIntersection Traffic Volume, Left Turn Movement, Missing Data.

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