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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2005) 12(4) 67-98

Affecting the Determination of Forming Limit Diagram for Sheet Metals

Walid Jalal Ali Anas Obed Idres
Mechanical Eng. Dept. Mosul University, Iraq


The sheet metal forming is defined as the ability of metal to deform plastically (stretch forming) without necking or fracture. To control the sheets forming operation failure a diagram is used , in which the ; accepted forming , failure and critical regions are shown.This diagram is known as “Forming Limit Diagram”(FLD) . It is considered as an important tool todetermine the formability of sheet metals . The forming limit diagrams for Aluminum , low carbon Steel and Brass were constructed experimentally as received and after annealing (with and without lubrication). Results have shown that the forming limit diagram for Brass was the highest and for Aluminum was the lowest. Annealing and lubrication have increased FLD for all metals in different quantities . Highest values of strain limits were appeared in FLD using both annealing and lubrication in the same time (widening limit curve) specially in brass .

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Keywords: Sheet Metal Forming , Forming Limit Diagrams, Stretch Forming.

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