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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2005) 12(3) 36-67

Evaluate Brick Units by Ultrasonic Waves

Zain Al-Abdin Raouf Hasan Jasim Mohammed Al-Badri Amar Salem Khazal
Civil Eng. Dept., Baghdad University, Iraq Civil Eng. Dept., Tikrit University, Iraq


Wide laboratory search was done to evaluate brick units in single, and test the prisms built from brick unit by use ultrasonic waves in non-destructive test. The results show that the pulse velocity increases with increasing compressive strength and time of construction. From this paper we can estimate compressive strength for building unit by find the equation of the curve ,then we can estimate compressive strength for building sample, for example bricks from pulse velocity of ultrasonic waves without need destructive test.

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TJES: Raouf ZA., Al-Badri, HJM,  Khazal, AS.  Evaluate Brick Units by Ultrasonic Waves. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2005; 12(3): 36-67.
APA: Raouf, Z. A., Al-Badri, H. J. M. & Khazal, A. S. (2005). Evaluate Brick Units by Ultrasonic Waves. Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 12(3), 36-67.