Pre-Design Cost Modeling of Road Projects. 27(1): 6-11

TJES: Ahmed SS, Ali NS, .Pre-Design Cost Modeling of Road Projects . Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences 2020; 27(1): 6- 11.

APA: Ahmed, S. S., Ali, N. S. (2020). Pre-Design Cost Modeling of Road Projects . Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27 (1), 6- 11.


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Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences (2020) 27(1) 6- 11.

Pre-Design Cost Modeling of Road Projects

Salar S..Ahmed *1 Noori S..Ali 2

1 Civil Department/ Engineering College/Salahaddin University /Erbil.

2 Civil Department/ Engineering College/Cihan University /Erbil.

* Corresponding author:  



The conceptual cost estimation is a critical indicator of the future of the project\\\’s success at the initial process before submitting the project design. Pre-Design cost measuring is recognized as the very important procedure which affects the future of constructing proposed projects of roads. Pre-design cost is a preliminary cost measuring and is considered the prediction of the cost of a project during the planning and design phase. This evaluating and measure provides a great foundation for the process of financial support decisions and cost control. The aim of this study is to create pre-design cost measuring model for constructing road projects by utilizing linear regression technique. The research methodology consists of the data collected from public sectors which are the actual cost of the constructed road projects in Erbil governorate, then models have been developed by applying SPSS software, then the models summarized and selected. The mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) has been calculated using Excel program to calculate degree of the accuracy for the produced models. The accuracy was between -29% and +51%. As a result of the study regression models are useful and has a big advantage in predicting project cost in pre-design process and the planning stage of the project, by using either simplex computer scheme or any measuring tools.


Keywords: Accuracy, Cost, Estimation, Model, Pre-Design, Regression.

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